Code of Conduct

  1. Definitions
  2. Administration
  3. Disciplinary Measures
  4. Appeals
  5. Red Flags
  6. Behaviour Guidelines
  7. Cheating
  8. Activity & Punctuality
  10. Requirements
  11. Member Privileges


BLUEPEAK services or our infrastructure include Artemis, Discord-, TeamSpeak- and game servers.
A full suspension would mean that access to all of the above mentioned would be revoked.
BLUEPEAK members are individuals with an authenticated BLUEPEAK account.
Everyone else is considered as a guest.
DMs/PMs - Direct messages/private messages.
Alt accounts are alternate accounts often used to bypass bans.


Staff members always have the last word. There is no arguing with the executive individual.
For disputes, the disciplinary committee is consulted. To do this, a request must be sent to

Disciplinary Measures

Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary proceedings. Any member of the disciplinary department
may respond directly to an offence with warnings or temporary exclusion from certain BLUEPEAK services.
Permanent suspension of BLUEPEAK members can only be decided by senior staff or higher.
However, guests may be permanently suspended by any staff member if ‘red flags’ occur, as it is important to intervene quickly in such cases.


Everyone has the chance to contest a sentence at any given time.
In such a case, the disciplinary committee shall be consulted and may reconsider the penalty.
To do this, an appeal must be sent to

Red Flags

This list of punishable first impressions applies only to guests and will be applied more heavily to new guests who have recently joined the Discord server.

Behaviour Guidelines

Any action that harms any individual or BLUEPEAK itself will be considered as an offence and result in disciplinary proceedings.
This includes, but is not limited to the following ruleset.

The rules listed below apply to all text, voice, image or video content, including profile pictures, usernames and Discord statuses, that occur in connection with BLUEPEAK,
within the BLUEPEAK services or when interacting with others while representing BLUEPEAK.


Cheating will not be tolerated. Getting caught cheating results in getting permanently suspended from all BLUEPEAK services.
This includes receiving bans on third party platforms for cheating, the inclusion of previous bans and bans on any trackable ‘alt’ accounts.

Activity & Punctuality

Community members are not expected to be online at certain times or for a certain amount of hours per week. However an excessive lack of activity can result in getting kicked.
This does not apply to esport or staff teams as they are expected to show up punctually on fixed times and to not leave until the event (meeting, training, match etc) is over.
We also ask them to always arrive 5 minutes earlier in Discord voice channels so we can start on time.
If someone cannot make it in time, has to leave early or cannot attend at all the organiser or next higher member according to our corporate structure has to be informed.


Nobody is forced to represent BLUEPEAK with the according tag on any profile or ingame names except members of our esport league teams during official or training matches.
But we welcome the use of the tag as it helps establish BLUEPEAK as a brand in the esports scene.


To be considered as a member of BLUEPEAK, it is mandatory to join our Discord server as well as register and authenticate an Artemis account on our website.
Additionally, we ask everyone to submit a request to join the official BLUEPEAK Steam group.
To ensure a hand-picked core community, registration links can only be given out by specific staff members. To be eligible for that, this form must be filled in.
Since competitive esport forms the core of this organisation we tend to only accept applications from people with a similar competitive spirit that fits to our ideology.

BLUEPEAK Member Privileges

Every member of BLUEPEAK has the right, as long as they are not suspended, to get unrestricted access to all publicly released BLUEPEAK services and software solutions
as well as to officially represent BLUEPEAK.
Guests, on the other hand, are entitled to get restricted access to our infrastructure as long as they are not suspended.