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League teams are those that compete in esports leagues and really focus on the competition. Their goal is to win by any means necessary.
This requires a sufficient amount of training and a certain skill level, as they also represent BLUEPEAK publicly.
To enable them to compete at the highest level, they get the most attention and support from us. Our tools and systems are tailored to them, we provide them with team managers who take care of everything organisationally, and we support them financially with the entry fees.

Academy teams, on the other hand, can be considered just-for-fun teams. They can also participate in various competitions on their own, but without any pressure and at their own expense. Their goal is individual improvement.This makes this option the perfect place for fresh players who don't yet have what it takes for league teams, or even players who just want to play in a permanent team.
Academy teams get access to the same infrastructure apart from individual managers. But there is always the possibility of moving up to a league team if we see enough potential and commitment.

Tournament teams are temporary teams that we set up for different tournaments. They are very similar to league teams.

The key difference is that league and tournament teams need to deliver results to maintain their status.

As long as we can't pay the players, there's no discussion about it. 100% of the prize money stays with the team.

From league and tournament teams we expect regular attendance at training, results that meet expectations and that BLUEPEAK is represented during official matches by the appropriate clan tag and profile picture.

Otherwise, no one will be forced to do so. However, we are happy about every member who decides to do this voluntarily, as it really helps to establish our brand in the esports scene.

Academy teams can of course decide internally how they want to manage training attendance.

Apart from this, every member is obliged to adhere to our code of conduct.

First of all, this is done voluntarily. No one is forced to do this. Adding personal data such as an e-mail address or telephone number only serves as an additional contact possibility to Discord. This way we are not dependent on Discord and can communicate with our members even in case of an outage. Phone numbers are also exchanged within a team, apart from that no data is passed on to third parties. Age and nationality are used for anonymous statistics to facilitate the planning of events, for example, but also to provide potential partners and sponsors with key data of our community. Linking to third-party accounts makes it easier to connect with other members and also serves to draw attention to your own YouTube or Twitch channels. This is the only data that is publicly visible on your profile.