What do we offer?
How BLUEPEAK works

The idea is that members can form teams under our banner, while BLUEPEAK provides the necessary infrastructure. We help organise the teams, take care of all technical aspects, recruit new members and find sponsors. This means that you only have to focus on your game.

Still questions?

Check out our FAQ!

We mainly recruit members for our esports and staff teams. But anyone with a competitive spirit and the right behaviour is welcome in our community.

Select your desired sector for further information and the opportunity to apply.

To become a member of the BLUEPEAK community, all you have to do
is join our Discord server!

We grant guests restricted access to our infrastructure as long as our code of conduct is adhered to.

However, to get a place in our exclusive esports community, you need to apply via the form below. The core of BLUEPEAK consists of handpicked players with access to all our services and the right to officially represent BLUEPEAK.

Whether you want to participate in leagues and tournaments or simply play in a permanent team, our separate league and academy teams offer both.

BLUEPEAK provides you an optimally structured environment and the most efficient tools so that you only have to focus on your game!

How to join?

We are constantly looking for new staff members to improve our infrastructure and grow as an organisation.

You can have a look at the current openings or send us a manual application by filling in the form below.